Woodhill Cottage

All of our products are crafted in small batches. Our recipes have stood the test of time. Our goal is to make jams and conserves just like you would if you had the time.

Tomato Jam

This sweet and savory jam features hearty tomatoes with a rich blend of spices.

It's delicious with the robust flavors of beef and pork and equally perfect with cornbread or served over cream cheese with crackers.


Peach Conserve

We call it sunshine in a jar. There's a special place in our hearts for our peach conserve.

We use the best peaches. We are careful not to make it too sweet.


Strawberry Conserve

Made in small batches, this conserve lets the strawberries take center stage.

It is wonderful with biscuits and toast and as a sauce for pound cake. In fact, we have friends who like to eat it right out of the jar.


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