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All of our products are crafted in small batches. Our recipes have stood the test of time. Our goal is to make jams and conserves just like you would if you had the time.

These truly are from our kitchen to yours and presented elegantly to reflect the care we take in producing each batch.

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We hope you will enjoy our products, give them to your neighbors and friends, and make them part of your special events.

Our Story

Jenny McCain is the founder of Woodhill Cottage. A successful practicing attorney, she started the jam business as a creative outlet that honors the entrepreneurial spirit of her grandmother Ruby.

One of her favorite childhood memories is cooking with her grandmother, who co-founded and served as chief operations officer of the family's children's wear manufacturing company.  Jenny always looked forward to spending time with her grandmother, and their conversations often turned to business and home economics.  

Ruby loved to cook and set a pretty table just as much as she loved landing a new customer.  Her life was a lovely blend of business and home, and Jenny is very much like that.

Jenny started Woodhill Cottage with recipes she's had forever and tweaked over time.  After receiving her homemade fruit spreads for Christmas, Jenny’s friends and neighbors encouraged her for years to bring them to market.  Now customers across the country are glad she did.

Jenny says one of her favorites is her tomato jam.  "Few people have ever had it.  Everyone wants more as soon as they taste it.  Tomato jam is fantastic on a grilled cheese sandwich, on scrambled eggs, and over cream cheese with crackers," she says.  "And, it takes a hamburger to another level." 

Her neighbors and friends were right.  “Taste it!"

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